Third Culture Kids — Why TCKs Often Have Unresolved Grief

“The reality is that with every transition, there is loss even when there is ultimate gain. No matter how much we anticipate the future as good, we almost always leave something of value behind as well. In loss, there is grief. An important thing to remember is that grief during transition is not a negation of the past. It is actually an affirmation of where we have been, geographically or relationally, because we do not grieve for things or people we don’t love. The more we have loved, the deeper the sense of loss. Grief doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t move ahead to the new or that the next stage won’t be great. It simply means that leaving things we have enjoyed—the people and places we have loved, the stages of life that have been good—is hard.”   -David C. Pollack   Third Culture Kids

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