Careers and Men

2d33ed3ffb42ebb2df954cbb14b6353aWow, at face value, this sounds so true, right?  A guy can turn his back on you.  He can die.  He can cheat on you.  He can just be a jerk.  Why put your trust in a guy.   A career — a career you can cater toward you.  A career allows you to support yourself.  A career can be shaped toward your interests.

But a career…it won’t tell you it loves you. The right one won’t spend the rest of it’s life with you, raise children with you.  Won’t be there when you get fired, when the economy no longer supports your choices, (and in the case of a celebrity) a man you love will be there when other people are no longer interested in giving you attention or appreciate your work.

Honestly, if you pick a man with strong faith in Christ, with a good heart, with a sense of commitment and honor — your chances are a lot better that he won’t wake up tell you that he doesn’t love you anymore.  There are no guarantees, even the best men are challenged by sin and coveting.

And if the guys that you surround yourselves with are losers, then yeah — I’d go with the career, too.

There will be hard times.  There will be richness and stability that can never be provided by a career.

There doesn’t have to be a choice between one and the other.  It shouldn’t even be choosing a man vs. choosing a career.

The matter is which is your priority, and this is not an issue of male vs. female.  The one you are married to, the one who has pledged their life to yours, the one whom God has given you, is the priority by which everything else slips into place.

2 thoughts on “Careers and Men

  1. Amen, Sista!

    I don’t either, but this was also the advice of a whole generation. The whole Codependency movement was all about “you can’t get your needs met through other people.” I agree with the idea that you don’t sacrifice who you are for the sake of someone else, but we are interdependent. It is very difficult to be who you are without your relationships with others.

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