Was I Supposed to Call You Back?

Somewhere along the line, I started hating the phone.telephone

Not sure when.  I was constantly on it when I was in junior high and high school.  Jeff and I had a 3 year, long-distance relationship where we talked to each other almost every day.

But I don’t like it now.  In fact, I come pretty close to detesting it.  I’d much rather text or instant message.  If I need to make a call that actually will involve conversation, I mentally prepare for it.  I often don’t answer my phone if I am doing something, such as shopping, driving, reading, sleeping, daydreaming, etc.  If I wanted to talk with people while doing these things, I’d take them with me.

The fact that my smart phone actually does have the ability to make and receive phone calls is not a selling point for me.  I would probably be fine without that feature.  I don’t want to carry a phone with me to all places.  I want to carry a computer with me that is tied to the internet to all places, because it tells me where I need to drive to, any necessary facts I might need to know, and possibly communicate with people on Facebook and email.

If my phone happens to ring at these times, that’s what voicemail is for, to let me talk to someone on the phone (something that, as was stated before, isn’t my favorite thing in the first place) when I feel ready to talk to someone on the phone, and usually to get an idea what this conversation will be about in the first place — maybe it can be resolved with a text.

It’s nothing personal.  It’s the phone.

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